Expect Pain


Kristen’s Story

Remembering a snippet from a conversation at the summer pool enabled Kristen to train for her first marathon. “It is ok to feel pain while and after running.  However, you don’t want it to get out of hand and change your running stride,” were the words that kept her on track to obtain her goal.

Yes, I said it will hurt to run.  Your body is not accustomed to jumping from one foot to the other in a continual quick motion.  You are shocking it.  Even if you have run ten miles before and are only running one more extra mile, your body has not run this extra mile recently or perhaps even ever.  It is ok to feel pain.  You will make it.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will reach the end.

However, there is a bad pain that is not good.  It leads to injury.  You will know if it is a bad pain if it causes you to change your stride or limp.  At this point stop running and seek rest and help. It does not mean that you are done running forever and need to lay on the couch for the next two weeks in mourning. If often means your training will change to cross-training until your amazing body heals itself.

For the pains that are not changing your stride try this method. When you have pain, pause and stretch the area.  Try to relieve the pain.  Then attempt to run again. 

If your pain decreased, continue for your allotted distance.  

Pain that increases will change how you land or move through the air, causing a more serious injury. This is the point where you rest and seek professional help.

Runners persevere through hardship and strive forward through pain and discomfort.  The reward is worth the effort.


Your determination will yield rewards, but be wise.

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Shelly Binsfeld

Running Coach in Minnesota

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