Pass another cough drop, kleenex please


Limit your running when you are sick with the cold.


On Thursday my run was way slower than usual, yet I felt I was putting in the same effort.  Then I attempted my normal lifting weights routine and couldn't even lift my usual dumbbell once.  Not even once!  I knew something was really off! 

Friday morning just after leaving our home I felt that dry mouth sensation moments after drinking a sip of water, the first sign of an oncoming cold sickness. I was out of the house for the day and wouldn't be near my Vitamin C tablets until evening.  The day wore on and the throat got worse.  By bedtime, I was eating ice cream, smoothies, and Danielle Walker's applesauce


Thankfully Saturday was a low key day with the skies bringing in wicked thunderstorms and only 2 hockey lessons/practices for one of my sons.  With my husband home, I was off the hook from transportation duties.  I read the entire Chasing Slow book by Erin Loechner (wow, awesome book) and slurped up the bone broth.  I wasn't much better and the night was painful and long.

chasing slow.jpg

Sunny Sunday rolled around and I figured I was done with the cold and could soldier on with my backlog of errands. I'm in control, right? However, by midday, all I wanted was be in bed.  As you know, moms don't take more than one sick day, so the food was purchased, freezer picked out at Best Buy, and library books returned.  The squash, chicken, and dinner all got cooked.  I thought my saving grace would be a good night of sleep before the start of a new week.

"Mom, my stomach hurts so much!" pleaded my 15-year-old son. I couldn't deny him comfort through the trips to the bathroom and tucks back into bed.  Not so hard if it weren't for the fact that I was pleading also for painless sinus canals and continuous sleep. 

So it is Monday today and I am still so sick and still hoping for a good nights sleep. I did do a short run today only because it had been so long since my last and a friend would be waiting for me.

I don't plan to run tomorrow. I will need all my energy reserves for kicking this cold.

NOTE: When you move to another region of the US you get hit harder with sicknesses as you have not built up an immunity to that region's germs.  This is going to be an interesting year!

My view of the USA regions include Colorado in the Midwest section.

My view of the USA regions include Colorado in the Midwest section.


My personal guidelines for when to skip my daily run due to sickness.

Fever or Stomach Pain = NO RUNNING

Congestion or Sore throats = RUN EVERY OTHER DAY at most//Fresh air is helpful but limit energy expenditures

Headaches = Safe Walks


Shelly Binsfeld

Running Coach in Minnesota

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