In Just a Year and TWO MORE Runners


Celebrating ONE YEAR and looking for two more runners!


Hello Runners,

March 20th will be my first anniversary of private running coaching. Last spring I embarked upon this level of coaching and I am so thankful for all the opportunities I have had these past 12 months.

For seven years at the YMCA, I coached and presented Running Clinics with many runners of all different levels, individually and within groups. It was a great training ground and I became comfortable in the coaching role. 

However, one year ago I stepped out of my comfort zone by developing a website portraying how I can guide others through their training. I introduced myself as a running coaching and found many runners wanting guidence.

During this year of professional growth, two of my articles have been published in the Adirondack Sports Magazine, one (with another soon to be out) article in the Saratoga Mama magazine.  To date, I have published 34 blog posts, which have been a pouring out of my passion for running and all things related. Writing has given me another outlet to share the continuous knowledge I gain through my love of learning.  I enjoy having a voice as a writer. 

Receiving my USATF Level Two coaching certification brought a sense of pride as this mother of four had accomplished a great feat. In return, I have gotten the opportunity to observe the coach of the Shen High School girls running team, who was the second best team in NY and advanced on to Nike Nationals in Oregan in the fall. These trainings have strengthened my ability to guide runners through their seasons.

Over 60 youth ranging in ages 6-18 have gathered with me several times a week for 9 months of the year through my USATF youth team. This group is especially close to my heart as they are homeschoolers that would not get the opportunity to participate in a running team if this group did not exist.

Eighteen runners have worked with me in person through hour long running sessions. We have had many miles of conversations and discoveries. 

Six runners have improved their training through daily Training Guidance, which includes a combination of online training logs, texting, emailing, calling, facebook group, and runs. I have their back with resources, options, and tips to help them grow strong and quick.  Contributing to their transformations as runners over many months/year of close attention has been a highlight. 

It is time to celebrate as my one year anniversary approaches! Most of these opportunities to work with runners have come from friends sharing with friends. Please, take the chance to share with others your experience working with me this past year.

There are many ways I can help a runner.  From form analyzing, monthly training planning, race course preparation, track workouts, injury prevention and recovery, high school team preparation, starting running, running as an older runner, to how to fit running into a busy life, I am here to help running be a joyous and successful experience. 

At this point, I am looking for two more runners to work with at the level of daily Training Guidance.  This method has grown hopeful runners into consistent runners with wonderful results. Could you please spread the word and share your experiences working with me?  I would appreciate the referrals.  


I have shared many miles, joy, and knowledge with athletes from ages 6-65 of all different levels these past 12 months. Thanks, for your support friends!

Shelly Binsfeld

Running Coach in Minnesota

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