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PODCASTS = Top Platform for gathering knowledge on running and life!


Since 2013 PODCASTS have enlightened, informed, entertained, and challenged me as a runner. Some of my top reads have come from podcast author interviews. The relaxed nature allows for the conversations in the podcast to be realistic and eye-opening. The FREE aspect gives me the opportunity to sample different tenants of our sport. I have learned so much about ultrarunning, strengthening, training connections of different sports, psychology, injury, running form, the health of the Track and Field sport, coaching, etc...

Here are my sports mainstays that fill my queue and ears.

The Strength Running Podcast

Endurance coaching topics with many author interviews


The GAINcast

Old school coaching meets Innovative theory


Magness & Marcus on Coaching

The insides of elite coaching and the sport of Track and Field/ Cross Country


Trail Runner Nation

Ultrarunning conversations galore, you will think you are on a long run with friends


The Rich Roll Podcast

Indepth interviews on life and endurance running


I navigate through the recent episode lists finding those that appeal to me. Often listening to them in the background of my run, drive, or housework.


Download your device's Podcast app and press play.

Question for YOU

What podcasts do you recommend?

Shelly Binsfeld

Running Coach in Minnesota

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