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100 Freedom to Run Blog Posts Later…


Legs Follow Arms was published 3 years ago in March of 2016. And yesterday as I was running to four town parks covering 16 miles, I noticed how the restricted mobility of my right shoulder was causing my right IT band to voice pain. The truth that your arms impact your legs while running still rings true.

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Many of the opinions in my past blog posts I still agree with. Some I don’t. Either new information has emerged or I have found another better option to tackle the situation. However the overall direction and emphasis within the posts still stand true.

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Now my writing abilities have thankfully improved. Surprise, specific practice causes improvement. On average a blog post takes 3 hours to write, edit, layout, and publish. Three hundred hours later, it comes a bit easier with a little less fear of critics while sharing my thoughts, life, and knowledge. The ten published articles in Adirondack Sports, Saratoga Mama, and Run Minnesota have stretched my skills and commanded endurance in writing longer pieces and for a broader audience. So if you use the search bar below to find my take on your curiosity, exhibit grace when reading the earlier posts.

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When comparing to the vast online world, I am quite small (very, very small) and simple. Nothing much. But when I attempt to identify anyone I know personally that has written 100 blog posts or even regularly posts, I know NO ONE.

That is, there is no one I am Facebook friends with or send Christmas cards to, or have their text number… that has ventured out into this blogging world.

My point it is that we often compare ourselves to the huge wide world of loud strong voices and feel small and useless.

Yet, when I need advice, my favorite person to ask is someone I personally know, someone only a text away.

The people within my circle are the valuable advice givers. We have equally invested in each other and have no alternative motive.

These blog posts have no alternative motive, just me expressing my thoughts, often bursting out of me, searching for a listening ear.

Upon viewing my Squarespace website analytics of daily page views, I am thankful for the dozen or the one audience when seeking running advice found my blog and felt heard, supported, and encouraged.

I am a fan of making a difference in one person’s life, causing a ripple effect and hopefully inspiring the world.

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To you, my reader, I write for JUST YOU. Thanks to my friends for listening. And thanks to the Google searchers, I hope you are encouraged to run free.

Shelly Binsfeld

Running Coach in Minnesota

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