Moving across the country

Welcome to Minnesota


YES, Minnesotans are Minnesota NICE.

There is always one kid that won't smile for the family picture.



All customer care centers should be based out of Minnesota.  Everyone is nice.  I mean super nice! I would have waited another 20 minutes for the DMV specialist because she was so genuine and caring.  The school employees, check out boy at Target, post office clerk, gymnastic coordinator, and the ticket receiver at the Minnesota State Fair (biggest in the nation) are so, well, kind.  I love you Minnesotans and your nice attitudes.  You make me a better person after interacting with you.

Beginning of packing 2 Uhauls

Beginning of packing 2 Uhauls

So you got the hint that we packed up our family of six and moved back to Minnesota.  My husband and I met in college at Minnesota State University, Mankato in 2000.  We had our first son in Mankato in a wintery March of 2002.  We moved from MN to IL to NY. However the time came for us to return to our roots and finish raising the kids where we grew up, the Midwest.

Photo Bombed by a muscly teenager during out first evening in the Midwest.

Photo Bombed by a muscly teenager during out first evening in the Midwest.

Sorry for the long pause in blog writing, I have thought of you very often and have yearned to set out my thoughts on running and life before you.  Summers are always full of play and adventure. However, with the school year starting, I am able to carve out writing time.  I am so looking forward to sharing my constant new revelations and experiences.  So watch out Freedom to Run blog, Minnesota style is coming your way.


Stay tuned, wait, is that even a relevant saying anymore, what is tuned? Perhaps a better saying would be to check your email for musings.