Lemonade Recipe


Stir up lemonade when injuries come your way.

Help Please

Help Please


Keys to your unique body come from periods of injury and recovery. An injury is a significant opportunity to learn about how your body operates.  What do your muscles and bones need in order to preform super human feats?

Each time I have dealt with an injury, I discover new tools and hints to keep my body happy.  Here are a few gems I have collected during periods of recovery.  Loose calves and gluts keep my hamstrings from tightening up. Stretching my hip flexor after a run will keep my stride smooth.  I must lift lightly in the weight room, keeping me from fatiguing secondary muscles. It was a tough day when I realized I needed to eat enough beef in order to keep my iron levels high.  All these keys to success came from failure.  They came out of the crushing blows of injury.  

Step back and remember that gains will come from this injury.  A rebuilt, stronger, wiser body will emerge.  That is the mindset of goal achievers: learn and grow from failure.


Make tasty lemonade from lemons by using your unique recipe.

Thanks Bro!

Thanks Bro!

Shelly Binsfeld

Running Coach in Minnesota

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