Rise Again Weary One


Life is hard. Really hard.


Blind hits can throw you backwards, taking the wind out of your lungs. Another hit doubles you over. Not me, you cry. Not now.


Confusion makes it worse.

No quick answer. No reassurance of a quick rebound.

Pain. Holding pain.

These trials come in every part of life. Even if you made all the right choices, took the road less traveled, went up the treacherous hill, sure that your hard work would pay off. Never choosing the easy road.

Yet. This happened. Pain happened.

Cliches swirl about as if they will soften the blow. But they do nothing but point out how cruel life can be.

Pain has to be endured. Escaping it only puts it off, returning with vengeance later on.

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These stings. I have felt them over and over as life has happened. Similar to when you cut your finger and the stinging, burning sensation cries out for an end. But you can’t stop the pain. The burning of an injury, a loss, mean words, or an absence fills the body.

And so you try to understand the situation, cry over it, explain it away. Perhaps a friend’s words can soothe the discomfort. But to no avail.

For you must endure, accept, and wait.

Yes wait. Wait for the pain to wean. Wait for the situation to change. Wait for good again.

Over and over throughout life we are subjected to these times of hardship. You simply can’t live life without them happening. However, each time I learn a bit more patience. Because waiting for healing is all you really can do. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes it takes understanding, sometimes it takes a resolution. But none of those will happen as fast as you want. The cut has to have time to heal.

So if this is one of those times when you are an injured athlete, grieving lover, or hurt soul, WAIT. For this too will pass. This is not the end of the road. You will rise again.


Rise again all those who are weary.

Matthew eleven twenty-eight

Shelly Binsfeld

Running Coach in Minnesota

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