JUST RIGHT Training Plans: How to Become a Better Runner in 30 Days Series

#4 JUST RIGHT Training Plans


How to find the Just Right Training Plan for you

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The first 2 weeks of the training plan need to be at your actual current level of fitness. By starting where you are at now, you can reduce injury and up enjoyment.


running training plans running coach shelly Minnesota

The guts of the training plan should include speed, distance, strengthening, and easy or rest days. Look for a variety of speed workouts so that you are giving yourself new challenges each week. The long run of the week should make up about 25% of your total weekly volume (exception: those with high training ages can run long runs up to 30-40% off their weekly mileage). Moderate strengthening training, within the training plan or on your own, will really boost your race performance. If the plan has you running every day of the week, it may not have been written by a runner. Understanding fatigue and recovery, therefore allowing the body to have easy days of running and rest days from running, will keep you on the trails and roads for many years to come.


Watch for a plan that includes a tapering of training as it gets closer to your main race day. For example, when training for a half marathon your last long run should be 2-3 weeks before race day. And it may seem odd to be reducing your weekly mileage so low right before the longest or fastest race than you have ever run but it is true, our bodies need to start the race rested and ready.

running training plans running coach shelly Minnesota


Select a JUST RIGHT TRAINING PLAN and hopefully an online COACH that fits you as a runner.

This 30 day series is a quest for me as a writer, coach, and runner. I promise to write about running for 30 days in a row. In doing so I intend to gain in knowledge and expression of running and daily life. My hope is that we all grow together.

Secret to a MONSTROUS Running Base


1 hour runs, every run, throughout your base training phase (6-8 weeks)


I didn't just happen upon the monstrous benefit of one-hour training runs, they are the World's Best Running Coach, Jack Daniels, base training's main dish. 



Again, Daniels is right! For many winters, I have rested well on the training strategy of all weekday runs at nothing less and nothing more than one hour.  It may seem too simple. If so, jazz it up any way you want.  However, know that the one hour of running, that you are stacking up day after day, is where the magic will happen.  

In other phases of training, I stay away from the one-hour duration.  I have built the base I need and am onto training other systems.  The long runs throughout the other training phases keep the aerobic base strong. Without the base training phase, I won't be able to last through the endurance races.  Hence, why, first run long and often, then fast and hard, finishing with wins.

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HOW?  Run easy pace until your watch says 1:00:00.  Then stretch and strengthen.  Repeat the next day. And the next day... Monday-Friday.  For some runners (master ages or injury prone), it may be better to run two days in a row and then take a day off, instead of 5 straight days in a row. For those that go for the high miles, continue with your weekend 8-12 mile long run. 

Beginner Runners-- Please adjust the time duration to fit your current level.  Each week increase the time by 5 minutes.  You will witness a world of a difference in your fitness after 6-8 weeks.

1/2 + Full Marathon Preparers- Start your training here, with hour runs.  Although your long runs are important, you need running fitness to fight fatigue throughout all the marathon miles.

I must note that if you are a Nordic skier (as I am becoming, yup, broke my first pole today) and this is your ski training season, please don't attempt your base training season until the daffodils are blooming! Ski to your heart's content and run easy 2-3 times a week as your second sport.





A special thanks to those that read my postings. I do it for you. You read, therefore I write.  Thanks for listening.  Thanks for your responses!