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CHANGING THE WORLD by Passing On the Joy of Running


How can you introduce and include running in a child's formable years?  Freedom

Run alongside a child this week. You will change their world.


Set aside your usual view of children's running and foster a theory of freedom. Children intuitively train their bodies through the phases of early growth. From rolling to walking to running from you, they challenge their bodies to develop stronger muscles and greater stamina. The child who falls asleep half way through his or her dinner has eaten just enough to let the need for sleep take over. This is intuitive and natural. They know when to rest and when to play. Read more of the Passing on the Joy of Running, Adirondack Sports article.


Share the benefits of movement with the young around you.  Volunteer and support groups that provide running teams for children. See links below for local youth programs. 

Girls on the Run 

Just Run

USATF Adirondack Association

I must add STEM RUNNING to the list even though they are a group for adults.  They are passing on the joy of running with great passion!