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Running Gear: How to Become a Better Runner in 30 Days

#8 Running Gear


My favorites!


Running is a simple sport, move forward towards a destination. However, just the right running gear can make the experience just a bit more enjoyable. I gathered my favorites and gave you a video of the whys!

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36 inch Basic Foam Roller

Rollga Roller

Calf/Foot Stretcher

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Also covered but no links available: Running Jacket, Running Hat


Run Happy!

This 30-day series is a quest for me as a writer, coach, and runner. I promise to write about running for 30 days in a row. In doing so I intend to gain in knowledge and expression of running and daily life. My hope is that we all grow together.

The intersection of family and running



When you have more than one love, creativity and flexibility will help you find a way to continue investing in your loves. 


Map My Run author Ashley Lauretta interviewed me on the topic of running with your family.  And boy do I have experience in this dance.  As the kids are one by one reaching their teenage years, I am seeing the benefits of the strategies that I used. They all enjoy running and have a healthy relationship with the sport. 

One of my sons is in love with running and joins in with his running team at 6:15 AM on summer mornings!  Another son sees its value and adds in runs when training for his other sports. And oh how my heart melts when the middle two take off for their own running adventure together. 

matt reid run.jpg

My daughter will encourage me to get out and start my runs and even run alongside me for the first 3 miles.

Now my husband, his support is in listening to my nonstop talking about running and racing and coaching.  He may not take a step with me on the trails but he sure will have my eggs ready when I return from my Saturday morning run.

My philosophy has been to model and give them chances to participate but never to guilt trip or force them. My joy spreads.


Check out Lauretta's and a past Adirondack article for the how-tos of entwining your loves of family and running.

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Model and have patience. They will come around.