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The Registering Dilemma

So many choices...

So many choices...


To register or not, that is the question.


The options are swirling around.  One training group is running the Philly Marathon this year, another one is going for casual 5Ks, you are stuck in between not knowing what to choose? All the while your heart has been stuck on trying a mountain trail race.

Here is a simple guide to help your registering nightmare become blissful!

1. What do you love, distance or speed?

2. What do you need, distance or speed?

3. If this was your last chance to race in America, what event would you participate in?

4. Which race would you drive 3 extra hours out of your way to pick up a friend or family member in order to run the race together?

5. What race will you get up at 5 am or stay out on the road after work in order to train for?

6. Will training for this race distance prepare you for your lifetime running goals?

7. Does your coach or experienced training partners agree that your top choice is within reach?

I hope through answering these questions you have found your "A" race of the year!  Now go and put your heart into it each and every day.  

If you would like more help sorting through what is the best choice for you, contact me for a coaching session where we can plan out your training and racing seasons.


Read my NO DAYS OFF post (following post) about spending every day recovering from yesterday and preparing for the next day.

Colleen Cahill in her glory after a CA trail race.

Colleen Cahill in her glory after a CA trail race.