Book Review: Quick Strength for Runners by Horowitz


Must have in a Runner's library


Horowitz did it! Finally, a simple, purposeful, modern description of the important strengthening exercises that all runners should incorporate into their training.

First of all, he addresses the glutes strength and activation weakness. In this world of sitting in chairs all day long, we need to be aware and combating the weaknesses and stress that are messing up our form and causing many injuries.  

You don't need to spend hours in the weight room at your local gym on the circuit machines performing the movements like a robot.  Instead, two 20 minute workouts each week will give the runner’s body the needed strength. I am not a fan of the hour "torture yourself, bust your butt" cardio room strengthening classes. There is only so much adaptation that can occur and to stress the body beyond that point will only cause pain and injury.  Instead, a sensible strengthening routine that targets each of large muscles and balancing muscles can keep a runner on the road.


The pictures, tips, advanced moves, and weekly workout routines make it easy to use for everyone. After reading through the book and testing out the exercises at home. Take a picture on your phone of the weekly picture-filled workout list. After your run take a quick 20 minutes to press through the list.

One more bit of advice when starting anything new. Start easy and let your body get used to the motions first. Don't be superman/superwoman and try to show off to the others near. You will gain strength and balance in just a few weeks as long as you keep the amount appropriate and the workouts consistent.

Women NEED to be strengthening their muscles.  Aging causes loss of muscle mass which in turn can cause many other ailments.  You lose what you don't use!

Pull along a friend to join in with you. They will appreciate you starting them on the path to better fitness.


You do have 20 minutes twice a week to keep yourself on the runner's path.