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Runner's Phones: How to Become a Better Runner in 30 Days

runners phone apps running coach shelly Minnesota

#14 Runner’s Phones


A Runner and Their Phone


Yep, I run most runs with my phone. Either for my children to have quick contact with me, for safety, or just for some audio to get me thinking or learning. I bet you also keep your phone close by when running outdoors or on the treadmill. Well, here are the ins and outs of a runner’s phone.


Through running we touch upon unseen or unnoticed beauty during our daily excursions. Whether it is glorious beauty or a profound sight, having a camera near to record makes a treasure trove to share or to store up.

The most recent photo I took while running. I was so intrigued by these tracks that just stopped in the middle of a dead end road. I figured there would be some metaphor that I could use the photo for.

The most recent photo I took while running. I was so intrigued by these tracks that just stopped in the middle of a dead end road. I figured there would be some metaphor that I could use the photo for.

The Google Photos Search feature helps me find all the pictures of runners, food, mountains, etc… As long as you have a gmail account and the google photos app, you can choose for your photos to be automatically uploaded into your private account for easy storage and access.


runners phone apps running coach shelly Minnesota

Final Surge- FREE for athletes - Easy to plan, switch up plans, and log training. Love the daily workout email/text feature.

Garmin Connect - FREE - Love ease of viewing and understanding my data

Coach’s Eye -$4.99 - For analyzing runner’s stride and body movements. I use this app when working with a runner’s stride. They send me a 5 second video of them passing by their phone camera and I break down the elements of their running form. Then we have a short talk on the phone about cues that can help them become a more efficient runner. Great tool for all sports.


Use Apple’s Podcast app or Soundcloud or Stitcher to download FREE audio episodes. If you are not sure what podcasts are, you are totally missing out. Youtube how to get podcasts on your phone or find a friend that can set you up.

I often listen to podcasts when running on my own. I turn the volume all the way up and stay away from noisy traffic. Watch out you might find them so interesting that you end up listening to them throughout your day at home, in the car, and while doing “boring stuff”.

Here are my current TOP THREE running podcasts.

The Morning Shakeout - Runner Interviews

I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein Podcast - Runner Interviews

Trail Runner Nation - Running Conversations


runners phone apps audiobooks running coach shelly Minnesota

I LOVE to READ. However I can’t sit for all the hours that I want to read. So audiobooks have been the solution. Just like podcasts, I listen while running and many other hours of the day. The Audible app is makes bookmarking and sharing books within the family easy. They have a monthly membership which includes a free book once a month. If you stop your membership, your audiobooks do not disappear. You still own the digital audio copy and can download it as a MP3 file or still listen to it on the Audible app. Check out their free one month trial.

Also check out your library OverDrive App and selection.

Here are my recommendations for you!

The Sports Gene

Why We Sleep



The Captain Class

Peak Performance


runners phone apps running coach shelly Minnesota


I don’t recommend texting while running. It looks really goofy! I have tried and I just can’t text safely and as quickly as just calling on the phone.

Training Partners - LOVE getting these types of texts, “Want to run tomorrow?”

Group Conversations - Fun and encouraging but don’t overload the alerts with endless sends.


Road ID has a FREE app that I am trying out. You can let a contact know when you are leaving and they can watch your movements on a map. Also, there is an emergency screen option where you can write your own message if an emergency responder needed more information when helping you.

Garmin Bluetooth Feature

Texts, phone call alerts, and notifications can be sent to my Garmin watch through bluetooth. That way I don’t have to get my phone out in order to see who is trying to contact me.

Once I save my data on my watch it automatically uploads to the Garmin Connect App, which then uploads the data to my Final Surge app, making everything smooth and easy!

So if your watch and phone have Bluetooth capabilities then turn them on and let your two devices talk to each other.

runners phone apps running coach shelly Minnesota

Weather App

Each evening and morning I check the forecast and temperature to make my clothing and route choices. Right now I am checking to see how much snow is in the forecast. More snow please, I beg!


Any webpage can be linked onto your the home page of your phone creating an easy way to access your favorite blogs or sites.

My favorite running blog for a very long time has been The Science of Running Blog Post by Steve Magness. Magness immensely shares his vast knowledge and influences our era of running!

Social Media

runners phone apps running coach shelly Minnesota

The good and bad of social media. Definitely, good in the way of communication and encouragement. However, bad if you spend too much time sitting and not enough time doing! So find a happy balance and don’t be afraid to remove social media from your phone every once a while.


“Oh phone, you better not be dropped in the water and die. What would I do without you?” ;)

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This 30-day series is a quest for me as a writer, coach, and runner. I promise to write about running for 30 days in a row. In doing so I intend to gain in knowledge and expression of running and daily life. My hope is that we all grow together.